Achieve Financial Freedom

Even in the Credit Crisis

Is it possible for an average person to achieve financial freedom even in the credit crisis? We are all entering really tough times in the economy and it looks like the writing is on the wall that this could be the next recession. This is not local to any one country, this is happening on a global scale and with today's technologies it's happening in record time.  

Yes! Yes – it is possible for the average person to achieve financial freedom even in the credit crisis. It will not be easy and it will take 100% commitment and dedication but that's no different from before and the exact same applies even in strong economic growth. People are by nature reluctant to move out of their comfort zone and most people get too comfortable in their jobs to look for other methods of creating income when times are good. It is in times like these when suddenly that job is not so secure and not so comfortable that we are forced to look for alternative ways just to survive.

To achieve financial freedom in these times you need to realise a few truths about what you have more than likely been taught about making money. No doubt you have been taught that you need to study hard and get a good job to secure your financial future? Wrong. There is little if not zero job security when you are working for an organisation. When the markets turn like they have recently companies need to apply drastic measures to reduce costs and this inevitably this means cutting jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people have been made redundant in an effort to save the price of the company's share. Working a job does not guarantee your future income!

It is possible to achieve financial freedom by starting your own home based business and I believe Network Marketing is the best vehicle for this. Network Marketing is also known as 'referral marketing' or 'relationship marketing' because that's exactly what it is. Have you ever recommended a good movie or book or restaurant to a family member or friend? Were you paid for that recommendation? Network Marketing is like referring a friend to a movie except you get paid a commission for doing so.

Network Marketing is by far the fairest business model I have ever encountered as it provides everyone the opportunity to take advantage of true leverage regardless of colour, gender, qualifications or age. True leverage can only exist if everyone has the same amount to gain, but I can hear you saying that only the people at the top can earn all the money! This is a myth and not true; in all the compensation plans that I have seen it is not the person at the top that makes all the money, it is the most productive people that make the money. It is possible to join a network marketing organisation that has been running for five, ten, even fifteen years and become the highest paid in the organisation. Equally you can be the second or third person to join an opportunity and still not earn a cent. What you earn in this industry has very little to do with when you join, it is all about how much effort you put in to building your own business.

Along with the economic crisis there is massive opportunity. Millions of people around the world are in the same position; they're looking for an alternative method to create income to secure their financial future. This means there are literally millions of people around the world looking for your opportunity and there has never been a better time to build a network marketing business.

Achieve Financial Freedom

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