Building Your Network Marketing Business

by Jim Rohn

Building you Network Marketing Business

Building Your Network Marketing Business - Jim Rohn has a fantastic ability to capture an audience with his charming mannerisms and good sense of humour. While listening to this audio CD you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated, he really does simplify things and you’re left thinking “Wow, if he can do it, I sure can”

Throughout Building Your Network Marketing Business, Jim talks about his philosophies that have served him well over the years and have allowed him create great wealth. One of my favourites is: “Profits are better than wages. Wages can make you a living, and that’s fine but profits can make you a fortune and that’s super fine."

Jim tells us about the power of part-time, in fact he calls it the magic of part-time. He says that by working your own business on a part-time basis you can grow your income to life changing amounts. That does not have to be a lot of money, an extra $100 per month would help improve most people’s lifestyles and an extra $1000 per month would almost certainly improve matters. It is from these small beginnings that you can grow your business into a full time income and beyond.

One point in particular that Jim talked about, really made me sit up and think. He simply says that we all live in the same world, we all have opportunities and difficulties. It’s not the opportunities or the difficulties that determine our destination in life; it’s what we choose to do with what is presented to us. He uses a metaphor of a Sail Boat to help explain; “It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines our destination, it’s the set of the sail. The same wind blows on us all”

The CD is focused on helping you in building your network marketing business, as I am sure you may have gathered from the title, he uses network marketing examples with all the philosophies that he speaks about and none more so than his philosophy of sewing and reaping. Through this story Jim Rohn shows us how we can all be successful if we take frequent, persistent action towards our goals and don’t let little things cheat us out of big opportunities. If at first things don’t quite go to plan, try and try again and you will reap the rewards.

Jim finishes off this CD by reminding us to live a good life. By that he means enjoy life, don’t take the small things for granted, keep learning, teach what you have learnt to others, help others, have good friends and most importantly live a full life.

Building Your Network Marketing Business 

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