Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an American business executive, entrepreneur, television personality and author. He is the CEO of Trump Organization, an American-based real estate developer and the founder of Trump Entertainment. He is also both executive producer and host for his reality television show, The Apprentice

Trump’s story is an incredible one. At a fairly young age he was multi-millionaire, and then suddenly his empire crashed and He found himself about $2bn in debt. Such is the character of the man, he not only recouped his loses, but he is now worth an estimated $5bn.

Donald largely has his father, Fred Trump, to thank for his deal making and entrepreneurial skills. Fred Trump was forced to help support his family due to his father's death early on. As a result, Fred started his own business and recognized the money to be made in real estate. Donald inherited the skill of recognizing a good deal when he saw it, since Donald would assist his father in his business ventures when he was still young.

Donald Trump studied finance at University and had an innate eye for business, and the additional training he received in school and while working for his father, Trump knew what he wanted to do with his life, and whatever it was, he knew it would be big.

Trump transformed himself into one of the most powerful real-estate tycoons of the '80s, with ownership of buildings such as Trump Tower on 5th Av., Trump Parc, the Plaza Hotel, and the New Jersey Generals. He also penetrated the casino business in Atlantic City and New Jersey, and transportation with the Trump Shuttle airline.

Despite his knack for making deals and recognizing a good investment when he saw one, Trump's billion-dollar empire crumbled in 1990, when he was forced into bankruptcy for over $2 billion bank loans that he couldn't pay.

Remarkably he managed to bounce back by the end of the 1990s and he shares his story in the book, The Art of the Comeback, and has done more work in the publishing world as he has co-authored several books about none other than himself.

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