FAP Turbo - Review

The Automated Forex Income Solution

FAP Turbo claim to be able to turn $370 into $7300 in 2 months, $2500 into $8700 in 45 days and $5100 into $25100 in 30 days.

Unlike all other commercial expert advisors that I have encountered, FAP Turbo does not make these huge claims solely on the basis of demo accounts and back tests. Instead, their claims are based real accounts trading real money and they even publish the results as proof. It is both refreshing and reassuring to see someone actually put their money where their mouth is in this industry.

Before I continue with my review of FAP Turbo and their claims to achieving financial freedom in the Forex markets on autopilot, I want to be sure you actually understand what Forex is.

"Forex" stands for foreign exchange and it's also known as FX. In a forex trade, you buy one currency while at the same time selling another. The foreign exchange market is an over-the-counter market.

Most traders focus on the biggest, most liquid currency pairs. These include US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. In fact, more than 85% of daily forex trading happens in the major currency pairs. With average daily turnover of US$3.2 trillion, forex is the most traded market in the world.

The advantages of trading Forex are obvious:

  1. Low Start-up – You can start with as LOW as $50!
  2. Huge Market - $3 TRILLION traded around the world every day.
  3. 24/5 – Non-stop action, 24 hours a day 5 days per week (Monday through Friday)
  4. Low Cost – While with stock trading, futures and options you pay spread plus commission, with Forex your only “cost of trade” is spread.
  5. Up & Down – Profit from rising and falling prices. You don't care which way the market goes.
  6. No Size Limit – Trade as BIG or as SMALL as you want! This is something that ONLY the Forex market allows you.

Unlike other financial markets, investors can respond immediately to currency fluctuations, whenever they occur - day or night.

That’s where FAP Turbo comes in; it's a forex robot that uses incredibly complex and proven algorithms to automate these trades for you.

So, you like what you hear, but you’re not sure if this is legitimate or a scam? Before laying out $149 of your hard earned money, let’s break it down and see what you actually get for it.

You get the FAP Turbo MT4 Expert Advisor (The Forex Robot that you install on your computer). You also get a 64 page PDF manual which steps you through exactly how to set up a forex account if you are new and how to configure the robot to maximise your profits. You also get access to an online support forum and there are also some online video tutorials which show you how to install and set it up. You can use the program on as many demo accounts as you wish and when you’re ready you activate your live trading account.

FAP Turbo is a forex robot that has evolved from a similar program created by Marcus Leary called FAPS. A team of three men approached Marcus adamant that they could improve his robot if he’d let them. These men are Steve Carletti (lead developer of and a professional programmer), Mike (a wiz with “complex numbers” and old university buddy of Steve’s) and Ulrich (an open source programmer and old university of Steve’s). After months of hard work, late nights and extreme testing, the end result is FAP Turbo.

To conclude, if you’re looking for financial freedom and like the idea making money in Forex but you don’t know where to start, this is a great product. I would recommend that you start with small investments at a time, say $50 or $100. Learn more about the ins and outs of forex and more importantly how to fine tune the robot until you achieve a comfortable balance between maximising profits and offsetting risks.

While FAP Turbo can’t make any explicit guarantee that you will make money (as this is illegal), they do offer a unique ‘make money’ or it’s free guarantee. You can demo with it using none of your own money until you're happy it works. Remember, you’re looking for a modest return on a daily basis which means low risk.

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