Financial Freedom for Children

Financial freedom for children is often the last thing on people’s minds in this current economic climate where we struggle each month to make mortgage payments and fill our cupboards with food to eat.It’s more likely that you’ll come across people who are desperate for financial freedom for themselves. As important as that might be, if you are a parent you will understand the desire to provide for your children and you will already be providing the best that you can afford in terms of education, health and well being and social interaction.

Today we can see how important it is to have a good understanding of business and finance and this is clearly something that not only helps individuals to survive, but communities, cities and countries too. How can something that important be a subject that hardly even features in the education system these days? Some of you will argue that some form of business studies may be available in schools and yes this may be true but business studies and accounting do not necessarily mean financial freedom for children.

I wouldn’t want you to think the term financial freedom for children means that we’ll have 12 year old millionaires running riot, I’d like you to think that the foundations you are laying in the child’s mind will better prepare them for important financial decisions they will make soon after they leave school. They could start putting leverage to use at an early age and really benefit from the results they achieve. I was never told about mortgages in school, I never learnt about good debts and bad debts. I never learnt about investments and how to make the most of the little money you have. So like many other people in this world I left school and had to learn quickly, just think of the head start the children would have if their minds already had a ground level understanding of these things.

What’s important to note here is that it’s not all about money. Not every child grows up wanting to be a property tycoon or have a huge business empire. Most children would like to do something meaningful like study to become a doctor or nurse or perhaps a fireman or policeman. Just because they choose a field of study or an occupation that may not be a means to a large salary or it may mean a lot of long hours it does not mean that they will not benefit from being able to make smart and effective financial decisions.  They will better understand what to do with the large salary or know how to save and invest successfully so that they can live comfortably when they can’t work such long hours anymore.

Financial freedom for children is about ensuring that the youth of today are better prepared to make the most of tomorrow. We tell our children that the world is their oyster and that they can do anything they set their minds to, so why don’t we give them the information they need to do just that? So often we see that those that benefit most are those that work smarter, not harder. Now can you imagine what can be achieved if the smarter work harder?

Financial Freedom for Children

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