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Website Review by Michael Pound

Financial Freedom Made Simple is a website similar to the one I have created and is also dedicated to helping people find financial freedom. The website has been created by a gentleman called Oyvind Hennum from Norway, and after browsing his site extensively I can see that we share many of the same ideas on the subject of accumulating wealth.

Financial Freedom Made Simple has some great articles ranging from Financial Planning to Budgeting and Saving. In the financial planning section, he goes into detail about why it's important to have a financial plan and he offers valuable advice on how to setup such a plan. Oyvind breaks this up into 5 action steps which are easy to follow.

There is also a section on personal financial freedom and this section will give you tips and advice on how to achieve your goals by budgeting, saving and spending money wisely. If you are like me in that you want to have financial freedom, but also like to spend money without having to worry you then you will benefit from this section.

Financial Freedom Made Simple has a section with reviews of different financial books. These book reviews include Napoleon Hill`s Keys to Success, Brian Tracy`s Million Dollar Habits, Robert Kiyosaki`s Rich Dad poor Dad, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, Robert Allen's Multiple Streams of Income And Stuart Wilde`s The Little Money Bible.

The section that I found the most interesting on Financial Freedom Made Simple was the "Take a Test" Page where you can take a Psychological Test to find out how your ability to succeed is rated. This page has links to a number of other websites that have different tests that you can take and you will be given a score. Personally, I am not convinced a test will tell you much more than you already know. I believe that any individual, regardless of how high their IQ is can achieve financial freedom so long as they are prepared to put the effort in to get there. If you're the type of person that starts things but never finishes, then chances are you will start on the road to financial freedom but never finish, not unless you change your old habits.

The website also has a very useful directory listing. Oyvind has obviously spent a lot of time doing research around on the internet and he has compiled this very helpful list of resources. The directory is made up of a variety of different categories including directory sites, Financial Freedom Sites, Financial Services, Financial Software, Outsourcing, Home Based Business and Personal Growth. There is even an impressive section for Norwegians, but as I can't speak the language, I can't give you much more information on that.

I am a firm believer that people can improve their everyday lives by educating themselves on different subjects. I don't mean education as in learning math or geography even though these are good skills to have through life, I mean educating yourself in the principles of success. Oyvind obviously has the same thoughts as me and he has a section dedicated to self help.

I really like Financial Freedom Made Simple. I think the site is well laid out and intuitive to navigate around. But the main reason I like this website is because it's about a subject that I am passionate about.

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