Set Financial Goals

The First Step to Financial Freedom

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Setting financial goals is very important. People fail to achieve financial freedom because they don’t know EXACTLY what they want. To say you want financial freedom is a good start, but that’s all it is, a start. Until you define precisely what it is you want to achieve, you are probably going to fail. You might say that you want to be rich or that you want to live in a big house or drive a nice car, but the truth is you don’t really know what you want; these are just daydreams not defined financial goals.

Start off with these “daydreams” but then build on them. Get yourself a pen and paper and start to jot down the things you truly desire. Don’t hold back here DREAM BIG! If money and time was no object in your life, what would you have or do? What would you be doing right now if your annual salary became your monthly or even daily income?

I know this probably sounds like a load of mumbo jumbo talk and to be honest with you, so did I when I was first told to do this. How on earth can listing down a bunch of desires going to help me gain financial freedom? Think about this for a moment...

If you don't know where you are going, how do you know when you have arrived?

Makes sense doesn’t it? If you don’t know exactly what you want, how can you strive for it?

List down every detail and include all your senses for example it's no good to say "I would like a new car" – What type of car? What colour? What does the leather smell like? How does the engine sound when you start it? How does it feel to drive the car? Only when you involve all your senses does a dream become a burning desire!

Be positive when stating your financial goals. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to drive my old beat up car anymore,” say “I want a new, silver Aston Martin DB9 with black leather interior.” Stating your goal positively will help you view it as a good thing, and not as a by-product of what you had to avoid.

Next, prioritise everything on your list into the order that is most important to you. Review and re-prioritise your financial goals until they reflect the life you want to live.
Now, write out, in the present tense, EXACTLY how your goals look and sound and how it feels having achieved them. Always start with " I am so grateful that I now ..."

Affirm your goals daily. Affirmation is really more than writing down, “I am going to buy my $1,000,000 house by next year” a hundred times. It’s actually being conscious not only of your thought processes, but also of your acts during the day. Visualise (pretend) morning and night with emotion having already reached your financial goals.

Click here to see our list of goals as an example to help you with your list.

If you understand the law of attraction and how the human mind works, you will realise that this is a very, very important step in reaching financial freedom. Take this step seriously and you can begin to change your life forever.

Stop procrastinating, life is too short. Get out your pen and paper now and start listing everything you desire out of life.

Set Financial Goals

Financial Freedom