Who is Michael Pound

Hi, my name is Michael Pound - Father, Husband, Entrepreneur and Investor.

I am 30 years old, self employed and work as a Computer consultant in and around London. I have to be honest, computers don’t really interest me all that much, but while I was in high school I got asked the questions every that every child gets asked:

What are you going to do when you leave school?

The truth is, I had no idea. In fact if were asked that same question again today, I still would have no idea. You see, I don’t want a traditional career and I never have.

Why would anybody choose to live in the Rat Race; to work 9 hours a day, 5 days a week for 40+ years???

All I knew at the time was that I wanted to make money but I did not know how. I had no intention of going to university for a minimum of 4 years to study "I have no idea what",  just to be in the same boat when it comes graduation time.

I knew I needed to acquire a further skill if I wanted a well paying job, and I found a college that specializes in IT training. What drew me to this college was the fact that the course was only 1 year long. It meant that I would be able to start earning money after just one year where as all my school friends would still be studying at university for another 3 years at least.

College as it turns out was much more valuable than just learning IT skills. It was here that I met my wife Catherine. We have been together since about 2003 and in May 2006 I proposed to her, ob one knee, on a rocky staircase overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. It was very romantic.

In 2007 we got married at a stunning location in Johannesburg - South Africa. It was a truly magical day and I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life. Click here to see some photos of our big day.

South Africa? That’s an unusual place to get married you might ask. No, actually it makes perfect sense because, you see, we are both South African and we only moved to England in 2003.

We moved to England to give ourselves the opportunity to travel around Europe and experience different cultures and also there is more financial opportunity here.

Together we have two of the most beautiful daughters you are ever likely to meet. I know I am biased, but like I say, the 2 most adorable girls on the world. I never knew you could love 2 little people so much. Meet Charlotte the eldest and Elizabeth the youngest

My Uh-Huh Moment

A few years ago my dad gave me the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki to read. He said that he found it very interesting and that I might too. Eventually I started to read the book.

This book was exactly what I needed! (If you have not read this book yet, you really need to read it!)

Mr Kiyosaki sums up why the rich get richer and why the poor get poorer. He explains that the only difference between the wealthy and the underprivileged is their mindsets and the way they have been educated about money.

The Poor get taught that you need to study hard, go to university, and get a good job working for someone else. The rich get taught how to build businesses, invest in assets, leverage off other peoples time and money so that you can have money working for you, providing you with free time to do as you please.

Kiyosaki talks about how the rich nearly always own their own business and how they invest their money in property, the stock market and commodities. In his book, he recommends network marketing as his choice of business to learn the arts of entrepreneurship.

Network Marketing? That sounds like a good idea, but I have no idea what it is, it sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. I decided not to let my preconceived ideas of what I thought network marketing was prevent me from researching the industry properly. I read many books on the subject, looked up many web sites and viewed a couple of presentations. What I discovered amazed me.

Yes there are some pyramid schemes out there, but these schemes are illegal and are giving network marketing a bad name. If you would like a better understanding on the network marketing industry, visit the link below.

Click here to learn the Truth About Network Marketing

The more I learn about Network Marketing the more I like it, and the more it makes sense to me. Its all about building a legitimate business and earning residual income - income that will keep flowing into your bank account whether you work or not simply because you have learned how to effectively leverage time and money. 

Aside from my Network Marketing businesses, I am fascinated with property and the opportunity there is to make money in it. In 2005, Catherine and I bought our first house. It’s a small 1 bedroom house, but it was a start and we were officially on the property ladder.

In 2007 Catherine and I attended a two day property investment seminar. We met loads of like-minded people and really learned a great deal about the industry. a few months later, we had remortgaged our house, released some equity and purchased our first rental property - The first investment property in our portfolio.

In 2008, after getting married, we decided that we had had enough of living in a small one bedroom house, and we really needed some space. We did our research, spoke with our mortgage advisors and decided to purchase a three bed property. We did not sell our one-bed house as we firmly believe - never sell property, and we are now renting it out. House number 2 in the portfolio.

Unfortunately, as things turn out, our timing was not great. We bought our houses right at the peak of the property bubble, and since house prices have even dropped. We're not too worried about this as the properties were always a long term investment, but it does just go to show, you always need to do proper research before investing.

I have had my fair share of failures!

My Progress to Financial Freedom has been more challenging than I expected. I have tried many businesses, invested in property (at the wrong time) and have spent a fortune on financial education. I have even been scammed out of a few thousand dollars, but I never gave up! I continued and learned from my mistakes.

I am finally having the success that I have been searching so hard for. The secret to my success is not rocket science, in fact the complete opposite. I only started to see results when I made the decision to simplify what I was doing. (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

I found a system with simple process that I and everyone can follow.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but what I do know is it is going to be one heck of a ride

Enjoy this site and do return!

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