Network Marketing

Why it is considered the Perfect Business

So, What is Network Marketing and how did I get involved with it?

"Profits are better than wages.
Wages can make you a living, but profits can make you a fortune."
 - Jim Rohn

Financial Expert, Educator, Successfull Investor and Best Selling Author shares with you the information you need to implement a realistic, achievable plan of building and growing wealth. Watch the above video to see why Robert Kiyosaki calls Network Marketing the Perfect Business.

I have always known that I want to own and run my own business but I have never really known what type of business. To buy a franchise like McDonalds you need serious capital, hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions and it will take years to pay back that sort of money. The other option is to start a business from scratch and build it into a respectable brand name, but what, and how? I had no idea on how to build businesses.

When I left school and studied computer programming, my initial thoughts were that I would work in IT for 5 to 10 years. I would build up enough experience and money so that I could then go out on my own as a freelance contractor and then over time I would perhaps hire programmers to work for me.

It was not until I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki that I took an interest in Network Marketing / MLM. I had heard of networking businesses before but had always just dismissed them as pyramid schemes. But here was a successful businessman and author not only recommending it but he also said that if he were to go back and do everything again, he would start in an MLM business.

Suddenly I was intrigued. If an already multimillionaire says that he would have chosen this industry had he heard about it back when he started out, then there must be more to the business than just Pyramid schemes. I decided to research more about the industry. I bought books on the subject, I spoke to people about it and I researched on the internet.

What I discovered is that there are benefits to working an MLM business. Here are some of the benefits this business has over working as an employee or setting up other small businesses:

  1. Minimal financial risk. The start-up costs are usually below small. Often for less than £100 a month you can run a moderate to full-scale prospecting campaign. Unfortunately, because it is such a small investment, many people give up before they even start.
  2. You are in business for yourself and can choose the people that you want to work with. MLM offers you the opportunity to choose your team of people to work with.
  3. The opportunity to earn long term residual income.
  4. You have a lot of flexibility. You can start working part-time, continuing working part-time, or go to full-time, if you want.
  5. With this business, you have impressive tax advantages, and can legally deduct phone, home office, and travel expenses because they are business expenses.
  6. There are no geographic restrictions. With the technology available today, you can work with people all over the country and all over the world. There is also no time clock, no commuting, no employees, no ceiling on earning, no high overhead, no dress code, and no franchise fees or royalties to pay.
  7. Network marketing provides individuals with a phenomenal opportunity for personal growth and leadership development and the opportunity to learn fundamental business skills.

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