Our Dreams

We all need to focus on our dreams. If you read any of the great self help books you will notice that they teach you need a dream. List everything you desire out of life - what would you do, have and be if time, money and health was no object? I can hear you asking: "Is that really needed?", "Why?"
It is very simple.

If you don't know where you are going, how do you know when you have arrived?

Think about that for a minute... How do you strive for something if you don't know for what? By detailing exactly what you desire, you give yourself tangible goals to strive for.

Prioritise everything in order you feel is most important for you.Write out in present tense EXACTLY how it looks, sounds and feels having achieved it. Visualise (pretend) morning and night with emotion having already reached your goals

Below in an example list to help you with yours. It is in fact our very own list of desires. I read this page every day. The more I read it, the more real my goals become in my subconscious mind and the more determined and motivate I become.

We are so Happy and Grateful...

...that we now have a household income of over £100,000 per month and a sum of £20,000,000 in the bank. This has allowed us to spend more quality time with our 2 healthy children, and we are able to do the things we want to do. Our networking business, property and share portfolios are performing exceptionally well.

We now travel all over the world in our new Private Jet, a Gulfstream G500. We have skiing holidays in France, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. We take the children to Disney World in Orlando Florida and we have travelled all over the United States. We have been blessed that we are able to travel to our dream holiday destinations which include visiting Australia and New Zealand, experiencing eastern cultures in Japan and Thailand and Catherine and I have even had many a romantic get away to The Maldives, Seychelles and the Caribbean. We have been able to see the Pyramids in Egypt, the Coliseum in Rome and the Great Wall of China.

We still constantly marvel at the breathtaking views from our beautiful 6 bedroom home in the countryside. We are grateful that our house is on a large plot of land where we are able to entertain many guests during the summer months. Our home has a terrific Cinema room with a large flat screen TV and surround-sound system. There is a giant fish tank in the living room filled with exotic fish, and it is always a great topic of conversation when people visit. We are grateful that we have a cleaning service that help us with the housekeeping and a gardening service that helps with the garden maintenance.  

We are happy and grateful that we have three amazing cars to drive. We have a beautiful silver Mercedes Benz S500 which is our family car and we do all our long journeys in it. We have a Range Rover that Catherine likes to drive as it sits high up above the other cars and is very safe for our children to travel in. Then we have an Aston Martin DB9 which is just so much fun to drive and is just such a beautiful vehicle. 

We are thankful that we have had the opportunity to attend our favourite sporting events. We have toured with the Springboks and the South African cricket team and we have been able to support them at the World Cups. We have rugby, cricket and football season tickets. We have attended all four of the golf majors and we have met our favourite players. We have witnessed the winter and summer Olympics and we have attended Wimbledon finals.

We are grateful that we have been able to donate large sums of money to charities. We are grateful that we have been able to volunteer much of our time to help the needy and the sick. More importantly, we are thankful that we have been able to help thousands of people better their personal financial situations. We believe that by helping others and teaching them to also help others; we can make huge steps in eliminating poverty from the world.

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