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Here's the basics...

There's a new company in the very hot "social media marketing" arena.

Picture it like a "mini-portal" that allows you to access Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They offer advertising to their members, similar to how Facebook & Google has ads. (Those banners all over Facebook; and of course the famous GoogleAdwords ads on the right hand side when you do a Google search)

The difference with PeopleString is that they share 70% of their revenues with the members. (Picture getting paid to spend time playing "MafiaWars" or "Farmville" on Facebook, or even getting paid to refer others toFacebook...)

Who cares, right?

Well...YOU should!

Facebook did $1 Billion last year...of which 70% is$700 Million dollars.

You know how much advertising revenue Facebook shared with it'smembers last year?


Wouldn't you like your share of the $700 Million Dollar Pie?

So, what's the catch?

There is no catch - or shall I say there are no strings attached (pardon the pun.) The more people use this site, the more advertising revenue gets generated. The more revenue that gets generated, the more they pay out to the members - it really is that simple - try it and see for yourself.

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Below are some of the key features of the PeopleString site.

Like Facebook, you can:

  • Setup your own profile page.
  • Connect with other members as friends
  • Update your status
  • Write on friends walls
  • Upload photos and videos for your friends to see
  • Send freinds private messages
  • Chat to friends
  • Join groups that interest you
  • Play online games with your friends
  • Unlike Facebook, you:

  • Can link to your current Facebook profile so when you update your status in PeopleString, it will automatically update your status in Facebook too.
  • Can link to your Twitter account.
  • Get a free PeopleString email accout
  • Get single click access to your other email accounts like GMail and Yahoo Mail
  • Get single click access to your favorite intstant messaging programs like MSN, Yahoo, AIM and GTalk.
  • Can add links to all your favourite websites on your home page.
  • Do all your online shopping where you receive a certain percent back as cash.
  • Can also participate in the "Mailbox - Cashbox" program, where you get paid to receive postal mail,
  • Another reall cool feature on PeopleString is the PeopleString PrizeWheel. You get to spin the wheel once per day and once for each person that joins PeopleString through your link (up to 5 spins per day).

    Prizes range from just a few People Points to a 1000 People Points and there are also cash prizes of up to $100.

    You could potentially win $100 per spin.

    The key to making money on PeopleString is accumulating People Points. People Points convert to cash when the advertising revenue is distributed every 2 weeks. You earn PeoplePoints by simply using the site (and spinning the PrizeWheel).

    Keep in mind this is a FREE program and this is literally Free Money!

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    No Credit Cards. No Paypal. 100% Free.

    It Gets Even Better

    PeopleString has a Compensation Plan that will pay you for referrals up to 6 Levels deep. As a Free Member you will receive 5% on your direct referrals and a further 2% on the next 5 levels.

    This is where it gets REALLY EXCITING! if you're not excited already, this is going to blow your socks off. Personally I knew this was good but I did not appreciate just how spectacular it really is until I saw the below table and graph.

    Look what happens if you introduce just 1 person per month and if that gets replicated through your team. Just 1 person per month! That doesn't sound like much and trust me, it isn't, but the results are mind boggling.

    Month 1, you introduce 1 person so there is a total of 1 in your team.
    Month 2, you introduce 1 more person + the person you introduced introduces 1 so there is a total of 3 in your team.
    Month 3, you introduce 1 more person + everyone on your team introduces 1 so you have a team size of 7 people.

    Roll on 1 year... Month 12 - everyone in your team has been getting just 1 person per month - you have a team of 2,509 people.

    This is where it gets REALLY EXCITING and you really start to see the benefits of duplication.

    Month 13, your team grows to 4,095
    Month 14, your team grows to 6,475

    Roll on 2 years... Month 24 you have a team of 190,050 people.

    So How much commission would you make on this?

    Remember, as a Free Member you make:

    * 5% on direct referrals (level 1) and
    * 2% on levels 2 to 6.

    If everyone makes an average of $10 per month by simply using the site and accumulating PeoplePoints, then after 24 Months you would be receiving commission checks for over $38,000 every month, and you haven't spent a cent - It's 100% Free.

    That's $38,000 per month - Residual Income

    The above is just an example of what is potentially possible if you and your team only manage to introduce 1 person per month. But what if you could introduce 1 person per week, or even 1 person per day? The results would be phenomenal.

    As you can see the power of duplication is incredible.

    But let's say you and your team are only 10% as successful as this. That's still $3,800 per month residual income. Say you're only 1% as successful - that's $380 per month in residual income for simply using a free program.

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    PeopleString is currently only 1 year old and trust me, it WILL become as big as Facebook, if not bigger. If you don't sign up now and in 2 years time one of your friends invites you to join - Too Late! You would have missed your golden opportunity to get in before the majority of everyone else.

    If you introduce just 10 people and those 10 people introduce 10 each and it gets repeated throughout your string, that's over 1 MILLION people on your 6th level alone that you could be leveraging from.

    Think about this for a moment...

    When last did Facebook pay you?

    I cannot urge you strongly enough to take advantage of this opportunity now before it's too late!

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    To your Ultimate Financial Freedom,

    Michael Pound

    P.S. It is in my interest to see you succeed. If you are willing to learn and put in the effort, then I will do my best to help you out and you will have direct phone and email contact with me where you can ask me anything you like.