Peter Jones

Peter Jones was born in 1966 and raised in Berkshire. When he was seven, he often went to his father's office in Windsor because he loved sitting in his big chair and pretending to be in charge of a big company, even though it was a small office and just him.

Peter’s parents wanted the best and sent him for a couple of terms to private school. It was financially crippling for them to send him there but he didn't like it, finding it very different from what he was used to. So at the age of eight he left, spending the rest of his school years in state schools. Both Peter’s parents worked full-time for over 50 years to provide the family with as much as they could. Although they never went without, Peter Jones always yearned for more. He wanted to do the best he could, knowing that one day he was going to be a multi-millionaire.

Peter first got a sense of his business acumen and strong head for figures while still at school, aged 16. After completing the Lawn Tennis Association's coaching exams, he set up my own tennis coaching school which allowed him to combine the two subjects he loved the most: sport and economics.

Jones ran a thriving computer business while he was still in his twenties, which allowed him to own a nice house, a BMW, a Porsche, and plenty of money to spend. However, through a combination of circumstances, personal mistakes and learning the hard way when a few major customers went out of business and he lost the business. Peter then went on to set up a computer support business and then a restaurant which ended up being a costly mistake. At the age of 28, Peter decided to join a large corporate because he was broke. Within 12 months, Peter was running the business in the UK.

In 1998 Peter Jones founded Phones International Group which provides mobile cellular solutions to a broad range of clients. The core of the business was a distribution model he created called Single Brand Distribution. These days, this business operates under the brand name of Data Select and is a major factor in their growth, accounting for £14 million of sales in the first year of trading and £44 million by the end of the second. Other related companies have also grown within the group, including Generation Telecom, which was sold to for millions of pounds within two years of starting up.

In recent years, Phones International Group has been recognised as one of the most successful UK businesses. The Times/Ernst & Young recognized Peter as Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002.

Today, Phones International Group counts every leading brand in the mobile industry among its business partners, whether as a supplier, customer or collaborator on a number of initiatives and activities geared to driving growth. Group turnover is around the £150 million mark.

Peter's business interests now span many other areas and not just telecommunications, including incentives and gifts, entertainment, publishing, property and television. In 2005, Peter Jones joined the panel of the hit ground-breaking BBC Two show, Dragons' Den. In 2006, he worked with Simon Cowell to create a new business reality format show for America's largest network, ABC - The American Inventor. It first went on air in early 2006 and has since been re-commissioned and sold elsewhere in the world.

At the end of 2006, The Daily Telegraph listed Peter Jones as one of the top ten entrepreneurs in the UK aged under 40.

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