Real Estate Riches

by Dolf De Roos, Phd

How to Become Rich Using Your Bankers Money

Dolf De Roos has an amazing passion for property investment and this is noticeable from the first page of his book, Real Estate Riches. It’s hard not to feed off the positive energy that he creates as he slowly reveals more and more reasons why property is such a good investment. In fact by the end of the book you are left wondering why you haven’t figured this out yet as it seems so simple and you’re not sure why every man and his dog do not invest in property.

Dolf covers all the basics in this Real Estate Riches, starting with the age old anomaly, why do you have to have a job? Most of us are terrified of the thought of not being employed as we feel secure in the knowledge that every month we will have earned a small amount of money to get us through to the next month’s pay check. Dolf explains how you don’t need to have a job to keep the money coming in each month.

He covers the reasons why property is the perfect investment and how to go about leveraging other people’s money to end up investing as little as possible and how to create phenomenal returns from that investment. He details how much work is involved to find those great deals, but leaves you feeling confident that it’s just a numbers game and should you put in the time to search for your good deals, you’ll certainly find them!

Dolf mentions interesting ways to increase property value and even more interesting ways of how to get the most out of what you put in, be it time, money or alterations to your properties. He covers in great detail the difference between yields and cash on cash returns, how to work them out for each of your properties and how to use them to your advantage.

For anyone who wants to understand how people make money from property, this is a book to read. For anyone who wants motivation to get into property investment, this is a book to read, and for anyone who thinks they’ll keep on renting, this is certainly a book to read. I’ve decided to finish with an extract from the book, so over to Dolf.

“We are going to be dead for a mighty long time. Every moment counts. Make the most of life. Decide what it is you want to do, and go out there and do it. If you’re not having fun, change something until you are. Decide what it is you are passionate about, and then pursue it with vigour. Keep your eyes open! Don’t spend too much time sleeping. Once today is over, it is gone for good. Remember, the Deal of the Decade comes along about once a week. Find a couple for yourself. And most important of all, have some fun along the way!”

Real Estate Riches 

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