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The Fifth Step to Financial Freedom

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Stop procrastinating! You are never going to have financial freedom if you keep putting off what needs to be done to get there. It's all too easy to get stuck in the daydream of what you want out of life, but until you actually pull your finger out and do something about it, you are never going to make significant changes in your life.

I think Nike says it best: "Just Do It"

With respect to achieving any new goal or finishing a new project successfully, it's really easy to get stuck too long in the thinking and planning stage.

Trust me, I speak from experience. I am notoriously bad for setting up spreadsheets to track the progress of my website traffic or of what sales I have made. I would spend hours creating graphs and plotting my results and watching what changes might happen. I would spend hours and hours thinking about different ways to increase my site traffic, or to grow my business. I would think about whom I would talk to, and what I would show them, or what I would do to my site etc.

The reality is I spent all my time arguing with myself about the best way to proceed with certain things. For example, with regards to generating traffic, one day I would think about writing articles. The more articles I write the more links I will have back to my site, great idea. Then the next day I would read that participating on forums is the best way to create traffic. I would then spend my evening thinking about what I would say on the forums and what the best strategy would be. All the while I am plotting my daily traffic in a nice spreadsheet and wondering why I am not seeing any improvement.

It was not until I realised that all I was actually doing procrastinating and that I made the conscious decision that I needed to take action that I started to see results.

Planning is important, but don't let it consume you. Do something, even if it's not 100% right.

There is an age old adage that goes "Ready... Aim... Fire"

Too many people (myself included) get caught "Ready... Aim... Aim... Aim... Aim... Aim..." yet never fire. On the other hand some people go "Fire... Aim... Ready" and to be honest, these are the people that get stuff done in this world. They take action and then figure out how's best to proceed and improve.

You can do all the planning in the world, but if you don't take action on any of those plans you're just wasting your time and financial freedom is merely a pipe dream. Take the first few steps even if they are wrong. Learn from your mistakes and improve on them in the future, but whatever you do, don't stop moving, keep taking steps forward and you will find financial freedom guaranteed.

"If you don't act now while it's fresh in your mind, it will probably join the list of things you were always going to do but never quite got around to. Chances are you'll also miss some opportunities." - Paul Clitheroe

Take action today! Do NOT leave for tomorrow what you can do today.


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