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The 3 Most Powerful Financial Books For Women by Women

Below is an article about Financial Freedom for Women that I came across while doing my research on the internet. The article recommends 3 (actually 5, there are 2 bonus books) of the most powerful books to read by different authors to achieve financial freedom for women.


While I've really enjoyed Robert Kiyosaki's ideas, you probably know him from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I have found that financial books written by women have a better understanding for the specific issues women deal with financially. It's that resonance factor. Barbara Stanny, a trust fund baby whose dad was the "H" in H&R Block, nearly lost her fortune allowing her husband to manage her money. When she suggested that she manage it, both her husband and her father laughed at the idea. With relatively little left in her trust fund, she educated herself in money management, then wrote "Prince Charming Isn't Coming; How Women Get Smart About Money."

I just loved this book. The final chapter explains the importance of women gaining economic power and their potential for making powerful changes in the world. Barbara Stanny's second book, "Secrets of 6 Figure Women" was even more packed with empowering insights and best of all, models of financial sustainability; women who had learned to overcome their fears and their programming and ask for all they deserved.

One of my favourite all time inspirational speakers, Jim Rohn says that everyone should become a millionaire; not for the money but for who you become in the process. Stanny echos that idea in Chapter 7: Strategy #4 Speak Up:

Asking for more is an act of self-love

Saying no is a show of self-respect

Refusing to settle is a statement of self-worth

Walking away is a sign of self-trust

She concludes the chapter with the idea that as you practice this, speaking up becomes something you have to do (vs. should do) because you know in your heart you are worth it. The chapter also explains why this is especially difficult for women.

No list of financial books worth reading would be complete without Suze Orman's expertise as she is the expert on financial freedom for women. Though I've read criticisms for her soft approach, some stating that an article for men would never be written that way, I think that's the whole point. If you want that style article, there's plenty to choose from. Ormans philosophy is what sets her apart from the dry, left brain only mentality that just isn't enough in and of itself. If a list of step by step how-to's was enough, we'd all be living lifestyles of the rich and famous. God knows there's enough straight talk out there. It's refreshing to get it all in one package. Any one of her books is high on my list of recommended reading. Her latest one, "Woman and Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny" may be the best place to start, though one of my all time favorites is “The Courage to be Rich: Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance." Just the idea that it takes courage to be rich is intriguing enough, don't you think? It's packed with practical advice and some ideas that will help you think about money from a more empowered perspective.

O.K., so that makes four books; consider it a bonus! Each of these books is a good read guaranteed to alter the way you perceive your financial possibilities. Each book presents interesting ideas to follow through on but it isn't just the major shifts, like setting up a Roth account that alter your financial future, it's the accumulation of little every day thoughts and actions that lead to long term results. Trying to change too much at once can set you up for failure. The best way to alter your financial reality is by gradually altering the mental maps that dictate the way you perceive the world. Little shifts, inspiring ideas, absorbed consistently, over time is the way our brains best acclimate to new information and the changes we would like to experience in life, like positive cash flow and increased net worth. With that in mind...

Bonus Book #5: A real treasure in the world of outside of the box money management: “Don't Stress - Manifest: 21 Truths to Set You Financially Free” by Barbara Zagata. This empowering little book is so inspiring and so enjoyable, you'll want to read it again and again. In a way, it's the Law of Attraction in action and it's so much more!

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