Generate MLM Leads

by Michael Pound

The biggest challenge network marketer’s face is learning how to generate MLM leads. The reality is you could be a distributer for the best network marketing, home based, opportunity on the planet, but if you do not know how to generate MLM leads for your business it will never become the raging success it deserves to be.

Simply presenting your opportunity to family and friends will not work 99 times out of 100. WHY? Because your family and friends did not ask you to show them this opportunity and chances are they have been burned in the past by similar “scams”. Even if you do manage to persuade some of them, if they do not believe in the opportunity and more importantly if they do not understand the power of the MLM business model, then they are never going to grow their business with the same motivation and determination as you.

Imagine growing your downline with people who understand what network marketing is all about. They understand the power of leverage that this business model can create for them and they understand the long term residual income that can be generated. If you could grow your downline with these people and they can replicate what you are doing by growing their downlines with similar people, your business will explode.

I can hear you asking yourself now... “But how do I generate MLM leads for my business?” Hang on just a second, I will get to that. Firstly there is a massive difference between simply being able to generate MLM leads and being able to generate TARGETED MLM leads. A targeted lead is a lead that is specifically interested in either your business opportunity or in YOU as a leader. A targeted lead is a lead that approaches you and requests information from you!

There are many ways to generate MLM leads and I am only going to touch on a few here. It may seem obvious, but before you can generate your own leads you must have a way of capturing a lead’s contact details – this is known as a Lead Capture Form. Each of the below methods directs targeted traffic to your capture page.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay per click advertising is a great way to find targeted traffic and ultimately generate targeted mlm leads for your business. When setting up an online advert, you specify what keywords must be searched for before your advert is displayed (targeted traffic) and you only pay when somebody clicks on your advert which will take them to your lead capture form.

Writing articles is an effective way to generate MLM leads online. You can write articles that educate your reader, and potential prospect, about topics related to the MLM business industry, your company’s product or your Network Marketing opportunity. By doing this correctly, you are perceived to be an expert in the field and you will gain the trust of your readers.

Website / Blog
Create a website full of great content and information that budding entrepreneurs want to know. If you provide a site jam packed with useful information you portray yourself as a leader and an expert. People want to join leaders and they will contact you about your business.

Another great way to get targeted leads is by participating in forums that are specific to either your company’s product or specific to network marketing in general. Again you will demonstrate that you are a leader in this field and like I said above, people want to join leaders.

Ezine Advertising
Ezine Advertising or online newsletters, as they're sometimes called is another top method to generate network marketing leads. This technique involves placing adverts in front of the subscribers of various network marketing ezines, and/or ezines related to your product. The advantage of this method is that your advert will be shown directly to your target audience.

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