Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies; while doing my research on the internet, I discovered that there are many people searching for list, but there does not seem to be a list anywhere so I decided that it would be good to provide it. However, the tricky part comes when you consider what the conditions might be for a company to be on the list of top 10 network marketing companies. There is so much to take into consideration, compensation plans, the product and the people to name but a few.

Below is a list of attributes you should be looking for in a network marketing company before just dive in head first.

  1. How long has the company been around for? – Look for a company that has been around for at least 2 years. 90% network marketing companies fail in their first 2 years.
  2. Is the company well financed?  - Does it have the cash that it will need to grow, to maintain a solid infrastructure and of course, to pay your commissions!
  3. Can you generate immediate income? – This will help you with your cash flow and help finance your marketing efforts.
  4. Is the company committed to YOUR success? - If it is and the product or service is a winner, you WILL succeed.
  5. Does the company offer unique products/ services and is there a market for them? – ensure the product is not already readily available and make sure there is in fact a market for the product/ service.
  6. Does the marketing system take full advantage of technology? - Not everyone is a salesman, but ANYBODY can plug into a system and tools that do the selling and sorting for you!
  7. Is there a way to build your business part-time without losing your full time income? - The company must have automated systems that can do the heavy lifting for you so that you can use your limited time efficiently.
  8.  Will you enjoy your time with the company? - Although at first it is going to seem like work, it is important that you can have fun with your business partners, this just makes the whole business more enjoyable.

All of the top 10 network marketing companies will be able to put checks in all the above boxes, but so too will many other companies. You see, trying to choose the top 10 network marketing companies is a little bit like trying to choose a favourite child. For me to create a list of the top 10 network marketing companies would be wrong. Firstly I would no doubt leave companies off the list that definitely deserve to be on, secondly I have not been an independent representative for all the network marketing companies out there, so would not really be qualified to do so.

I can however share with you the Network Marketing Company that I am involved with and I can give you the reasons why I signed up.

I have recently signed up with My World Plus, and it would most definitely be on my list of top 10 network marketing companies.

My World Plus offers a discount membership card that allows you to save money on purchases that you are probably already making every day. It has been reported that the average user of this card is able to save $100 per month.

The Best Part about MyWorldPlus is the Single Leg Compensation Plan. In my first 2 weeks, I had 51 people in my team and I had not personally sponsered anyone yet.

If you are not making the income you need in your life you should take the free tour, watch the short movie, and check out the system for a week. In the mean time, I (and my upline and downline) will begin placing people in your team and building your business for you.

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